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Stay in touch with your customers.
To help you increase your profit, you will have access to view your customers accounts, to view the features they are using on their site, renewal dates, etc. You can call them to upgrade or renew.

The monthly fee to have a site is quite low, making it easy to sell to anyone with a business. And over time, if you build a significant number of customers, you would be getting a significant monthly (residual) income.

A rewarding opportunity!
Unlike many affiliate programs out there, we not only pay you a referral fee for people signing up to use our website package, but we continue to pay you as long as your referrals are hosting with us ... every single month!

As you build your customer base, you will build your monthly income.

Get paid monthly!!
Get paid a commission every month that your customers are using our website package. The more features they use, the more you get paid!

Your referrals could soon turn into full time income!

10 Customers$120 / mth
100 Customers$1,200 / mth
250 Customers$3,000 / mth
500 Customers$6,000 / mth
1000 Customers$12,000 / mth

*This is based on average website package costs. There are many different features available to your customers. Upsell to your customers, and earn even more money!

Open an account with PayPal. We will need your PayPal account information to send you your commission every month. -- "Painting the Web"

Non-Profit Organizations
Get online quickly and easily, with all the tools to update your site with no technical knowledge required. No development costs. Includes hosting services.
Only $19.95/month.

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As soon as you register, you can select your choice of colors, add your own logo, graphics, text and photos for free!
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