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If you have a question about the e2source website packages, please check here first for the answer. If the question is not here, please contact a customer service representative for help.

Getting Started
How do I get started?
What are the benefits?
Will you help me with the administration area?
Do I need to know any internet programming?
I have registered, now what do I do?
I have registered, and have successfully accessed my administration area, now what do I do?

How do I get started?
To get started with an e2source website solution, simply select the website package that best suits your needs. Then fill out our registration form, or contact us directly. Proceed to PayPal to send your payment. Your web site will be ready to use within 1 business day from the day we receive your payment!

What are the benefits?
Update anytime from anywhere with internet access.
As the features get updated and enhanced, you can take advantage of them at no extra charge.
Take advantage of new features as they are added.
No development cost.
Low monthly hosting fee based on the features you use.
No waiting for your website to be ready, features are ready to use ... just add your business information in the easy to use administration area.

Will you help me with the administration area?
Yes! There are help files available to help explain how to update each feature. If you cannot find the answers you are looking for, contact our customer service and we will provide help you find it.

Do I need to know any internet programming?
Absolutely not! Adding information to your site is as easy as filling out an online questionnaire. If you can type in a word processor, you can add content to your web site.

I have registered, now what do I do?
After you register, you will receive an email with information to get started.

Use your username and password to access the administration area to your website. You can access the administration area by clicking the 'MY ACCOUNT' link at the top of this page.

I have registered, and have successfully accessed my administration area, now what do I do?
Now that you are in your administration area, you are presented with a list of options to get your website started. Your main administration page (ACCOUNT) has all the links you need to access various features and options for your website. Read this page carefully and get familiar with it.

Here are a few areas to consider in getting started :
Select colors for your website (Website Information > Update your website options)
Design and upload a custom header (Images > Upload header banner)
Add content to your website (Website Content > )
Update website options such as title, description, etc (Website Information > Update your website options )
Set up taxes and/or shipping information (Website Information >)
View your account features (Features/Services > )

If you require assistance to get started, please provide us with the information you would like to make available online (such as products, company information, images, etc) and we will help you get your site started. -- "Painting the Web"

Non-Profit Organizations
Get online quickly and easily, with all the tools to update your site with no technical knowledge required. No development costs. Includes hosting services.
Only $19.95/month.

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