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Terms & Conditions
Do I have to subscribe for a certain time period?
Do I own the site and design?
Is there a cancellation fee?

Do I have to subscribe for a certain time period?
No. You can subscribe for any number of months you want. You can pay month to month, or year to year, or any length of time you want.

Do I own the site and design?
No. When you sign up for an e2source website package, you are entitled to use the site, and customize it to suit your purposes.
If you are getting a custom logo, or header designed to customize your website, these are yours to keep.
If you request the registration of a domain name for your site, it is yours to keep as well (subject to annual internic fees).

Is there a cancellation fee?
No. You can cancel at any time.
If you have a credit to your account, it will be refunded, minus a 5% processing fee. -- "Painting the Web"

Non-Profit Organizations
Get online quickly and easily, with all the tools to update your site with no technical knowledge required. No development costs. Includes hosting services.
Only $19.95/month.

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